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New Ethernet Control & Data Plane Switch from Interface Concept

IC ComEth4510a news6U OpenVPX Gigabit & 10/40Gigabit L3+ IP Router

Interface Concept, developer and manufacturer of high-performance embedded boards and systems for Defence and industrial markets introduces the ComEth4510a, a combined Control and Data plane 10/40 Gigabit switch compliant with the OpenVPX profile MOD6-SWH-16U16F-12.4.5-4.

It is a combined Control and Data Plane switch for demanding 6U OpenVPX Ethernet architectures. The Ethernet packet processor of our well-proven ComEth 43xxa range is used for the Control Plane. The Data Plane is implemented thanks to the Second-Generation Marvell Prestera CX platform, offering leading performance and port density with multiple 40 GbE/10 GbE configurations and full duplex line rate switching capability.

The two Ethernet switches are managed by a Multicore 64-bit PowerPC, offering two optional out-of-band 1000Base-T ports (front and rear) and traffic log recording on NAND Flash.

On the Control Plane, 16 x 1000BASE-BX ports  are available on P1 connector as well as 4 x 1000BASE-T ports at the front. 4 additional Control Plane ports are also provided either at the front (SFP/copper) or at the rear (1000BASE-T ports).

On the Data Plane, 16 Fat Pipes are available for providing 16 x 10GBASE-KX4, 16 x 40GBASE-KR4, 48 x 10GBASE-KR or 48 x 1000BASE-KX ports or mixed configurations.  

Moreover a Mezzanine can be added providing either 2 x 10GBASE-T ports at the front and 2 x 10GBASE-KX4 at the rear as Contol Plane ports, or 4 x 10GBASE-T at the front as Data Plane ports.

The well proven Switchware of Interface Concept is run on the PowerPC processor of the switch providing a lot of management functions: configuration of all the PHY and switch parameters, ports monitoring, static MAC address, QoS policy, Multicast and VLAN control, STP/RSTP protocols, MAC security, monitoring of all statistical counters and an extensive list of RMON counters ….

INTERFACE CONCEPT designs and manufactures high-performance embedded boards and systems targeted at Defence and industrial markets. The company offers a wide selection of COTS products, based on industrial standards (VPX, cPCI, FMC/XMC/PMC, MTCA.4…), and state-of-the-art technologies, and provides its customers with a high-technical support and custom-design services.


  • 10/40 Gigabit, Fast & Gigabit Ethernet switches and IP Routers – ComEth range
  • Intel® and Frescale™ based single board computers and Virtex FPGA processing boards– Premium range
  • Open Multi-Serial communication platforms – Lines range
  • 2D/3D graphics and storage modules – I/O boards range

IC products operate for all types of environment (from standard to the most extreme – thermal and mechanical operating conditions).

Thanks to its strong innovative spirit and expert R&D team, IC devises solutions at the forefront of embedded technologies. By partnering with the major actors such as Intel, Freescale, Xilinx, IC has gained a trustworthy reputation within the embedded marketplace.

IC offers a large array of services in addition to its COTS product ranges such as :

  • PREMIUM, COMETH & LINES product range customization
  • Specific developments on requirements
  • Supply of tested, qualified and supported systems (including software support)
  • Industrialisation, production follow-up and product life-cycle management
  • Warranty and long-term support (maintaining the platforms in operating conditions)
  • Technical expertise

The above IC commitments guarantee our customers :

  • Performance while minimizing industrial risks
  • Cost containment
  • Investment durability