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Smart Embedded Computing

Smart Embedded AXP640

AXP640 Chassis 6-Slot 40G ATCA System

Smart Embedded AXP1440 and Centellis 4440 System

AXP1440 Chassis & Centellis 4440 System - 14-Slot 40G ATCA ...

Smart Embedded AXP1440-D

AXP1440-D Bladed Server Chassis for Defense

Smart Embedded ATCA-7480-D

ATCA-7480-D Ruggedized Dual-Star 40G Server Blade

Smart Embedded ATCA-7540-D

ATCA-7540-D Ruggedized Dual-Star 40G Server Blade

Smart Embedded ATCA-F140-D

ATCA-F140 Ruggedized Switch Blade 40G ATCA System Management

Smart Embedded ATCA-7540

ATCA-7540 Dual-Star 40G Server Blade

Smart Embedded PCIE-6001

PCIE-6001 Payload Card PCI Express Card for the MaxCore ...

Smart Embedded PCIE-6002

PCIE-6002 Payload Card PCI Express Storage Card

Smart Embedded PCIE-8120

PCIE-8120 Octasic DSP Add-in card PCI Express Media ...

Smart Embedded PCIE-8130

PCIE-8130 High-Density PCIe Audio Transcoding Accelerator

Smart Embedded PCIE-7217

PCIE-7217 High Density Cloud Gaming Card

Smart Embedded PCIE-7410

PCIE-7410 Dual Intel® Xeon®-D Add-in Card Dual-Processor ...

Smart Embedded COMX-P4080

NXP® QorIQ® P4080 COM Express Modules

Smart Embedded COMX-P2020

NXP® QorIQ® P2020 Module

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