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ACTIS Computer announced a new 6U CompactPCI Single Board Data Recorder

ac_csbx-6315.jpgBuild around the third generation  PowerQUICC 2 CPU, designed by FREESCALE Semiconductor, the new CSBX-6315 from Actis Computer is a complete Data Recorder on a standard 6U cPCI single board.

Thanks to 15 years of experience in PowerPC computer solution, ACTIS engineers have designed a versatile 6U CPCI Single Board Computer for critical embedded applications with a power dissipation of less than 8 Watts. This new CSBX-6315 support processor speed of 266 MHz (for lowest possible power consumption) or 400 MHz (for higher performance) depending of the User’s requirement. Onboard memory include 256 Mbytes of soldered DDR SDRAM and 8 Mbytes of NOR Flash memory for the onboard monitor software In addition a 1 GByte NAND Flash is provided for additional data or program storage.

The CSBX-6315 provides a Gigabit Ethernet port (on the front panel) and 3 Fast Ethernet ports through an onboard Managed Switch. Two serial ports as well as 3 Hi-speed USB 2.0 ports are available through the rear connector J3 and J4.

For data storage the CSBX-6315 provides two SSD slots:
  • one 1.8” half-slim connector for up to 64 GBytes SATA SSD
  • one m-SATA connector for a second SSD of 64 GBytes
There is also one mini PCIe slot for additional functionality (like Wireless network interface), and one PMC slot to further customize the board with communication ports, MIL1553 network interface, analogic data converter, or other industrial interface.

This board is ready to ship in volume in Q1 2011 and comes in 2 versions:
  • Commercial range: from +5°C to +55°C convection cooling
  • Extended temperature range:  from -20°C to +71°C convection cooling

Software supported includes VxWorks and LINUX BSP’s, others real time OS’s can be supplied on request.