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ACTIS Computer introduces COM Express carrier board with modular peripheral I/Os

ac_kcac0320.jpgFor embedded applications requiring a high system integration with an extended peripheral I/Os modularity, the KCAC-0320 offers a useful combination by supporting the two well recognized industry standards; the PICMG COM.0 COM Express and the IEEE1386.1-2001 PMC mezzanine modules.

With a compact form factor measuring 165 x 160 mm (6.5" x 6.3"), the KCAC 0320 is the ideal choice for modular computer system including a standard set of peripheral interfaces with an optimized level of computing resources.

The KCAC-0320 carrier board supports a comprehensive list of peripherals including: 2x Gigabit Ethernet ports, up to 4x USB2.0 ports, 1x internal SATA, 1x external eSATA, a graphic controller (with analog RGB, s-video and 24-bit LVDS video outputs). The KCAC-0320 offers a flexible peripheral extension by supporting two IEEE1386.1-2001 PMC slots. Both mezzanine slots are compatible with 32-bit/66 MHz PCI based modules available from ACTIS Computer and third-party vendors.

The combination of these two efficient board form factor will bring to the embedded computer users a very flexible solution which will support several thousands configurations of CPU and I/O functions in a small enclosure. Click here for the datasheet.

A single 12 V DC power supply is required for system operations.

The KCAC-0320 carrier board is available in two specific versions for both COM Express processor module type-2 and type-3 modes.

More information on the COM Express processor board based on the AMCC 460EX PowerPC processor, can be found here.

ACTIS Computer is also providing custom design services for carrier board development based on customer's application requirements.