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Crystal Group Inc. announces extended temp and vibe performance

cr_rs112.jpgCrystal Group Inc., a veteran-owned small business and manufacturer of rugged, commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) and custom-developed computers and displays, today announced exceptional thermal and vibrational performance from their RS112 rugged 1U server.

Crystal Group tested an extended temperature configuration of their RS112 model for performance in extreme temperature environments. The in-house test was conducted as a steady state operational soak at 75oC (167oF) while the unit continuously executed eight instances of the Prime95 torture test. Prime95 was configured to execute small FFTs in order to exercise all 8 cores to 100% utilization. Any CPU throttling, rebooting, lock-ups or checksum errors in Prime95 would be considered a failure.

The tested RS112 configuration passed the 2.5 hour operational temperature test with no failures. Righmark RMClock utility was used to log core temperature data and CPU utilization. The log data shows that the computer was fully exercising the CPUs and was able to write log data to the hard drive continuously throughout the entire test. “No failures occurred during the testing nor during repeated thermal testing. Many in our industry perform these tests without fully exercising the CPU core, reducing the power and allowing the CPU to coast through the thermal testing. While testing at Crystal Group is extreme, we believe our servers should be working whenever our soldiers are,” stated Jim Shaw, VP of Engineering and Operations.

The RS112 with an extended temperature configuration is capable of operating in extremely high temperature environments even at full system load with no CPU throttling. This testing shows that the RS112 system can operate at 71oC (160oF) ambient for extended periods of time even with CPU and thermal interface variability. The RS112’s ability to remain stable at 75oC ambient demonstrates that the system has plenty of cooling headroom for the most extreme operating environments, allowing Crystal Group to confidently claim a 71oC operational profile for this quad-core CPU. This proves exceptional system reliability across the spectrum of thermal operating ranges.

In addition, the RS112 unit also passed 4Grms vibration testing with standard rotational hard drives. In the past, to guarantee performance in high vibration environments, solid state hard drives were used. The RS112 unit’s rugged, vibration isolated drive carriers allow the use of 2.5 inch hard drives in vibration profiles up to 4 Grms without failure. “This is very important because most customers pay ten times the cost of rotational hard drives in order to buy solid state hard drives for high vibration environments,” commented Crystal Group Technical Director Jaden Ghylin. “Instead of paying $6,000 for solid state they can pay $600 for 2.5” drives.”

In environments where performance, ruggedness, and reliability are imperative, this product is an ideal fit. This specialized 1U rugged server is designed for shipboard, airborne, land-based and space based applications.

The RS112 offers extended capability with shock/vibe rating of 4 GRMS in combined wheeled vehicle and aircraft profiles, a temperature range of –20oC up to 71oC (-4 to160oF) and multiple power options. The RS112 is available with the following processor options: Intel® Xeon® Core™ 2 Duo or Dual/Quad-Core Intel® 64-bit Xeon® CPU. Expansion choices in this short depth (20 inches) rugged server include one (1) full-height PCI-X slot or one (1) PCIe slot, meaning greater adaptability. Up to two drives and a slimline CD/DVD are available. The drives are removable and hot swappable.

All Crystal products are designed and being tested to meet MIL-STDs 810F, 167-1, 461E, and 901D requirements. As always, each Crystal product comes with a standard three-year warranty. Configuration Management is also available.

Crystal Group Inc. is uniquely postured as one company with three business competencies. As server/systems manufacturer, systems integrator and custom design team, Crystal Group is well positioned to quickly and cost-effectively address all aspects of their customers’ projects. This three-tier approach is unique in the industry and allows Crystal Group to excel at the delivery of turn-key systems tailored to their customers’ specific needs.

Click here for the datasheet.