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Extended Temperature COM EXPRESS module with PowerPC PPC460EX

ac_xcom9460.jpgThe XCOM-9460, from Actis Computer, is a highly integrated solution specially designed to meet PICMG COM.0 standard requirements. The board is available in commercial and extended temperature range. It features a low-power high-performance PowerPC processor in COM Express Compact form factor, only 95x95 mm. The AMCC PPC460EX PowerPC processor integrates 440 core, DDR2 memory, Gigabit Ethernet, PCIe, PCI, dual USB 2.0 Full-Speed port, Floating Point Unit and integrated Security Engine. This processor is rated at 2000 DMIPS & 2000 MFLOPS @ 1 GHz.

The on-chip Security Engine (H/W Encryption) is designed to off-load computationally intensive security functions, such as key generation and exchange, authentication and bulk encryption from the processor core.

Network and serial ports The XCOM-9460 offers a variety of on-board I/O: two Gigabit Ethernet ports (with TCP/IP acceleration hardware), two USB 2.0 Full-Speed (480 Mbps), two I2C bus, and user General-purpose I/Os. All these ports are accessible on standard COM Express connectors.

Optional on-board graphic controller provides a GUI (Graphical User Interface) for embedded applications. It supports 8 MByte of memory and uses 200 MHz RAMDAC, with a resolution up to 1280x1024. The 128-bit engine supports 2D and 3D acceleration through APIs.

Developers can take advantage of the XCOM-9460’s power and performance when running major real-time operating systems (RTOS) or when deploying applications based on the lowcost, open-source Linux™ operating system.

Click here for the datasheet.