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New! Portable Solid State Drive SSD P10

New Portable Solid State Drive BIWIN SSD P10BWN SSD P10


BIWIN released their newest portable Solid State Disk, the P10,  based on SIP technology. Slimmer, Smaller, Stronger and Smarter with an excellent Shock and Pressure resistance and on top waterproof.


The P10 does have a Type A and C USB3.1 interface in order to easily connect with Laptop, Tablet and Smartphone. Capacity is up to 128 GByte, what gives enough space for backup purposes or pictures, movies and music.


Biwin P10 selects advanced system in package (SIP) technology. SIP has excellent anti-electromagnetic effect which gives P10 excellent performances and also a delicate and fashionable design.


The case of the portable SSD is strong, so you do not have to worry about dropping it. It will not break. Biwin P10 , only 2,2 mm thick, that is the same as a credit card.