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OneBank™ module with Eight 16-Bit Differential ADC Channels

Read more: OneBank™ module with Eight 16-Bit Differential ADC ChannelsEmbedded computing pioneer WINSYSTEMS introduced a versatile data acquisition option for PCle/104™ OneBank™ and PC/104 Express embedded computing systems. Its new PX1-I440-ADC module, scheduled for release in Q3 2020, extends capabilities for the company’s own single board computers, such as the Intel® E3900-powered PX1-C415, as well as CPUs from other PC/104 suppliers.


“Not only does our 16-bit PX1-I440-ADC provide the flexibility of reading eight different voltage ranges, but it also supports inputs for 4-20mA current loop devices, with optional high-precision resistors populated onboard,” said WINSYSTEMS’ Technical Sales Director George T. Hilliard. “Users will appreciate its accuracy and adaptability in reading analog signals from different sensors, transducers, and other devices with varying interface voltages. This is especially critical for applications that provide information to control processes, vehicles, and manufacturing.”


This space-efficient extension of WINSYSTEMS’ I/O module offerings is based on the Linear Technology LTC2335-16 Analog-to-Digital converter. It supplies the features most requested by designers of industrial systems who otherwise have to resort to external devices or multiple adapters to attain the same functionality. The PX1-I440-ADC module accommodates eight differential inputs with the following voltage ranges: 0V to 5V, OV to 5.12V, ±5V, ±5.12V, OV to 10V, OV to 10.24V, ±10V and ±10.24V.


Long-term performance and accuracy in extended temperatures


“This fully-featured yet affordable module in the PC104 form factor with PCIe/104™ OneBank™ expansion also offers a -40°C to +85°C operating temperature range and availability of 10 years plus,” added Hilliard. “So it clearly satisfies the reliability and functional specifications required for industrial IoT, transportation, energy management, industrial automation, and medical diagnostics applications.”


In addition to this ADC’s eight differential channels and optional 4-20mA inputs, WINSYSTEMS’ PX1-I440-ADC offers 16-bit resolution. Custom populations are available for OEMs requiring different configurations from the standard products.


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FVT-708L Forklift Vehicle Mount Computer

Read more: FVT-708L Forklift Vehicle Mount ComputerThe FVT-708L is a rugged vehicle-mounted warehouse truck computer, introduced by DARVEEN Technology in 2020. The FVT-708L comes with the Intel J1900 processor and Windows Embedded Standard or Professional Operating System. The FVT-708L uses the full computing power of Microsoft® Windows® in a mobile environment, optimizing application compatibility, and network management while remaining flexible enough to run multiple advanced applications.


FVT-708L has a 10.4-inch industrial resistive or capacitive touchscreen. Flexible expansion option for WiFi, Bluetooth, LTE, GPS. Power supply is possible through 8 ~ 36V DC and an optional built-in Li-ion battery. The FVT-708L is ideal for forklift vehicles in (cold) warehouses. Compliant with the STD-MIL-810G of anti-shock and vibration standards, IP65 is dust and waterproof, making it ideal for the most demanding environments.

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New PCI Express (PCIe) card for voice-over-5G and LTE applications

Read more: New PCI Express (PCIe) card for voice-over-5G and LTE applicationsSMART Embedded Computing, a subsidiary of SMART Global Holdings, Inc., (NASDAQ: SGH) and a leading manufacturer of embedded computing solutions, announced a new PCI Express (PCIe) card for voice-over-5G and LTE applications (Vo5G/VoLTE). This media processing accelerator add-in card enables high density voice processing to be integrated into rack mounted servers or other network appliances that have PCIe slots. It is designed to make the deployment of the Enhanced Voice Services (EVS) codec, which is in demand for 5G and LTE networks, more cost-effective by significantly increasing channel density.


The PCIe-8130 uses the latest generation of highly efficient digital signal processors (DSP) from Octasic to provide direct offload of the host CPU, eliminating the need for additional servers when adding high density audio transcoding to an application. Network equipment providers can either add or substantially increase the voice channel density within existing systems thereby reducing overall power and space demands for their equipment as it scales to higher throughput. Multiple cards can be added to scale capacity as the subscriber base grows and the card can be deployed as a centralized cloud solution or in central offices at the edge of the network.


“The EVS codec is highly sought-after in 4G and 5G networks, but it is compute-intensive, so the PCIe-8130 is optimized to provide the highest processing capacity per watt and per dollar for session border controllers, media gateways and similar network functions,” said Todd Wynia, Vice President of product management, SMART Embedded Computing. “This PCIe add-in card is ideal to reduce CapEx and OpEx in network voice processing deployments and upgrades through significantly higher voice transcoding density than current technology or standard server processors.”


The EVS codec is designed to support high quality and high efficiency. Unlike its predecessor, AMR, which was used for initial VoLTE deployments and marketed as ‘HD Voice,’ EVS was developed and optimized specifically for LTE. EVS is a feature-rich codec that supports everything from narrow band (NB) to super wide band (SWB) with bit rates starting at 5.9 kbps up to 128 kbps and a multitude of advanced error treatment capabilities.


Technical Details

  • Configurations with 4, 6 or 12 Octasic OCT3032 DSPs
  • Full- or half-length by full-height versions
  • Octasic Vocallo firmware
  • Broad CODEC support
  • Field proven in carrier networks
  • Echo cancellation and voice quality enhancement
  • Packet-based API reduces development time allowing faster time-to-revenue


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New Catalog from Taicenn

Download the new Taicenn catalog 2020 here.Read more: New Catalog from Taicenn


A comprehensive overview of Industrial Box Computers, Industrial Panel PC's and Industrial Monitor's.

New 3U VPX NVMe carrier

3U VPX NVMe Carrier with Removable Drive Module

Read more: New 3U VPX NVMe carrier


The 3U VPX NVMe carrier with a removable drive module is for applications that require the frequent removal of  SSD, fast transfer rates and large capacities. It consists of two components; the 3U VPX carrier board with PCI express (PCIe) interface that mounts in one slot of  3U VPX chassis and the removable NVMe drive module. The connectors between the drive module and the carrier are rated for 100,000 mating cycles to support frequent insertions and removals.  The drive module can use any COTS U.2 NVMe Solid State Drive (SSD) providing capacities up to 16TB and transfer rates of up to 3940 MB/S. Options for TCG opal.


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