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Two new 6U VPX Ethernet Switches!

IC ComEth4341a v07aBy introducing two new 6U VPX 10 GbE switches extending its Cometh434x family, Interface Concept reinforces its position of leader on the market of Embedded Switches.


Highly Manageable

The last version 7.1 of the Switchware of Interface Concept optimizes the Boottime, allows dynamic buffer allocations and new QOS strategies, and provides a wide enhanced range of configuration L2/L3 functions on any port.


High Flexibility

An innovative modulare design where the four 10 GbE ports can be routed at the rear (10GBASE-KX4) or at the front (10GBASE-T or –SFP+) of the switch.

IC ComEth4345a v01a

In addition to the four 10GbE ports:
The Cometh4345a features 8x 1000BASE-T ports at the front and 16x 1000BASE-KX at the rear.
The Cometh4341a has four GbE port 4x 1000BASE-T at the front and 24x 1000BASE-T at the rear according to VITA 65 switch profile MOD6-SWH-4F24T-12.4.4.
Both switches are IPV4/V6 and support full-wire speed L2 bridging and L3 Unicast and Multicast routing with L2-L4 advanced traffic classification, filtering and prioritization. The design of these two switches allows creating a ring where up to 15 switches can be connected to form a unified switching architecture. A rapid failover algorithm authorizes an healing delay of less than 20 ms. Switchware is run by a PowerPC processor linked by a high speed PCIe link to the Matrix of the switch.

Datasheet Cometh4341a
Datasheet Cometh4345a