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PC104 +5V +/-12V DC/DC power supply with triple output
PCM-DC-AT512-P, DC/DC, PC104PC104 +5V +/-12V DC/DC power supply
PCM-DC-AT512-P, DC/DC, PC104
PCM-DC-AT512-P, DC/DC, PC104
PCM-DC-AT512-P, DC/DC, PC104


  • Wide input range: 10V to 50 VDC
  • Voltage output: +5V @ 20A, +12V @ 3A, and -12V @ 800 mA
  • -40 to +85°C operation without derating
  • No fan or heat sink required
  • No minimum load required for regulation
  • Outputs with short circuit, overload and overvoltage protection
  • Power-on LEDs provide visual status of power
  • Screw terminals for accessory power connection
  • High efficiency design
  • Fast transient response

WINSYSTEMS’ PCM-DC-AT512-P is a triple output, DC/DC power supply that can mount anywhere in a PC104 stack. It features a very wide voltage input range from 10 to 50 volts DC. This allows the unit to operate with 12, 24, or 48 volt battery or distributed DC power systems. It opens up a wide array of applications including transportation, Mil/ COTS, security, solar-powered, and telecommunications.


Datasheet PCM-DC-AT512-P