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Taicenn TBOX-3XX0 Series

Intel® Skylake™ 3855U, i3-6100U, i5-6200U, i7-6500U PoE Fan-less Box PC

TAICENN TBOX-3XX0 is a rugged & compact, high-performance fan-less Industrial Box PC. It adapts Intel® Skylake™ processors, providing advanced computer performance and low power consumption. TBOX-3XX0 storage support 1 *mSATA and 1* 2.5-inch SATA SSD or HDD. The TBOX-3XX0 BOX PC offers an extensive range of interfaces, with 5* GLAN ports (4 ports support PoE), 2* USB2.0 ports, 4* USB3.0 ports, 1* RS232, 1*(RS232/RS485) serial ports; The power input is 9~36V range, over-current, over-voltage and reverse-polarity protection.


TAICENN TBOX-3XX0 uses a full-sealed box construction, it prevent dust from entering the system. Large aluminum heat sink can distribute the heat effectively and quickly, ensures longer reliability and life-span of the system. TAICENN TBOX-3XX0 operating temp. is -20 °C ~ +70 °C, it is suitable for operating in harsh environment industrial applications. TAICENN TBOX-3XX0 supports mainstream operating systems, and it is also compatible with application software that runs on those operating systems.


TAICENN TBOX-3XX0 is a compact design, is very suitable for limited-space applications, which require many PoE ports and USB communication interfaces.



  • Rugged sealed aluminum box and large heat sink
  • Intel Skylake Processors options
  • Supports 1* mSATA and 1* 2.5'' SATA SSD/HDD
  • memory up to DDR4L 16GB
  • 5 Intel I211AT GLAN, with 4* PoE feature ports
  • Digital IO: 16* DI, 16* DO
  • 6* USB interface
  • 1* RS232, 1* RS232/RS485 serial ports
  • DC 9~36V power input, over-current, over-voltage and reverse polarity protection
  • 1* HDMI
  • 1* VGA
  • Operating temp. -20 °C ~ +70 °C
  • Wide temp (optional) -40 °C ~ +70 °C
  • Dimension: 236.5 x 150 x 60 (mm)



TBOX-3600: Intel Skylake Celeron 3855U CPU processor
TBOX-3610: Intel Skylake i3-6100U CPU processor
TBOX-3620: Intel Skylake i5-6200U CPU processor
TBOX-3630: Intel Skylake i7-6500U CPU processor