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Actis Computer XBOX-9347

Computer Box based on PowerPC COM Express module, with two PMC extension slots

XBOX-9347 is a highly integrated computer box solution, measuring 165x160x52 mm (6.5x6.2x2 in), based on the PICMG COM Express processor module standard. It features a complete computer system with its complete set of peripheral I/Os ready to use for embedded applications.

Processor Mezzanine Support
The XBOX-9347 uses the ACTIS XCOM-9347 COM Express module based on a PowerPC processor.

Graphics Support
The XBOX-9347 embedded one 2D/3D graphic controller with the dual view mode support and a maximum resolution of 1280x1024. The available video outputs are analog RGB, S-Video and LVDS.

Peripheral Interfaces
The XBOX-9347 platform provides a standard set of peripherals including a dual Gigabit Ethernet controller, one internal SATA and one eSATA storage interfaces, and two USB2.0 ports.

PMC extensions
Two additional PMC mezzanine slots are user free available for system add-ons, like acquisition system, motor, communication controller, etc. The PMC modules are supplied by ACTIS Computer or third parties.

Power Supply
A single 12 V DC power supply is required for the XBOX-9347 operating mode. Internal DC/DC converters are used for each specific low voltages used by the sub-systems.


U-Boot and Linux BSP for the XBOX-9347