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WinSystems PPC3-G-6.5L-359-1

6.5" Touch Panel PC with AMD LX800 CPU and PC/104-Plus expansion


WinSystems’ PPC3-6.5 Panel PC is a compact, open frame display subsystem that includes a 6.5-inch fl at panel, PCcompatible Single Board Computer (SBC) with Ethernet port integrated into an open-frame enclosure less than three inches thick. An integrated touchscreen is included and other input devices can be added.


  • Compact 6.5-inch AM TFT Flat Panel display
        640×480 resolution with LED backlight
        -20°C to +70°C operating temperature
        Resistive touchscreen
  • Single Board Computer (PPM-LX800-G)
        Low power AMD LX800 processor
        PC/104 and PC/104-Plus expansion connectors
        10/100 Mbps Ethernet port
        Four serial ports (two RS-232/422/485 and two RS-232)
        16 Bidirectional GPIO with event sense
        USB, LPT, keyboard, mouse, and audio